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Essentielle Stressbefreiung

Durch Aktivieren der Akupressurpunkte werden Verspannungen gelöst und auch die Entschlackung wird angeregt. Eine sanfte Massage als Kompressionstherapie regt die Lymphgefäßtätigkeit an.


Medical & Wellness Therapist FA SRK
Medical & Wellness Therapist FA SRK

UPDATE June 2022

Welcome to my website! 

Great that you are dropping in ... my practice is open. I hope you understand, regarding to the Covid- hygiene standards to wear a face mask FFP2 and 2G-Rule 'vaccinated, recovered' (2G-Regel 'Geimpft, Genesen') and using hand disinfectant. Thank you.

Stay healthy, S. ZANDI 

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P h i l o s o p h y

'Panta rei - everthing is in flux'

Take this as a chance and regcognize the positive aspects of it. The professional massage helps the body relax, take a break, regenerate, reduce stress - or simply feel good ...

T r e a t m e n t s

Sustainable and holistic

I balance my sustainable and holistic therapeutic approach with your individual needs. The professional massage helps:

  • the body relax
  • regenerate
  • reduce stress
  • take a break
  • or simply feel good

Here you will find an overview about my approvals of Swiss Health Insurances and my registration as a  'Medical Massage Therapist FA SRK' with Swiss federal certificate of proficiency.

Please contact your Health insurance beforehand which services can be reclaimed. Have a look at your supplementary insurance, often they will assume the costs up to 70-90%.

S h o p

Exclusive products

My shop will have exclusive products. There you will find whatever your heart and your health desires. Bits & Pieces.




'HOCHLÆNDER - Melting Glaciers'

© Angela Bergling

13 Sep 20  -  Oct 20

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